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Service contact information:

Working hours: 08:00 – 16:30 (CET)

Response time: 24-hour service response

After-sales service phone: +49(0)6105718941-18

After-sales service email: [email protected]

  • After-sales service scope
    The scope of our after-sales service mainly includes: hardware failure in the display, connector plug-in failure, display control system failure, display control software failure, etc.
  • Fault criteria and Approach
    First-level failure: connector connection problem on the display and control software failure remote phone or network guidance Secondary fault: unit module, power supply, receiving card, sending card, graphics card damaged mailing service Three-level fault: fault determination standard A large number of modules or power supply damage on the display
  • Special event support
    If you have a major event that requires our company engineers to go to the site for technical support, we can provide paid services.

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