Absen Attends NAB, Presenting It's Virtual Production Solutions


Orlando, Florida, USA – Absen Inc., a global leading LED display solutions and service supplier celebrated another year at NAB in Las Vegas. At this year’s show, together with two key collaborators, Absen hold a special event onsite and online worldwide to present the state-of-art LED technology and virtual production workflow, successfully sharing the innovations empowering the art of film. Absen demonstrated its professional LED products in virtual production through a XR stage with PL series and MR series. Another major highlight was Absen’s award winning Clear Cobalt Series, the MicroLED COB display.

NAB Show-Absen Virtual Production LED Solution(1).png


Throughout the show and events, Absen presented more details about the emerging virtual production market and strengthened the application of LED wall in film.

The global virtual production market size is expected to reach USD 3.1 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 14.3% over the forecast period source: grand view research . With the help of virtual production, video game technology and film production technology merge into the pre- and post-production process. With the increasing use of virtual production technology in film studios and TV programs, the technology of software and hardware is also constantly innovating.

The increased adoption of the LED video wall technology is augmenting the application of virtual production across the media and entertainment sectors. The LED video wall displays computer-generated graphics in the background, allowing filmmakers to capture visuals in real-time and get real-time feedback, so the filming team can make critical decisions on set. So it decreases cost and improving the overall production efficiency.

 In-Camera Visual Effects is very important for virtual production, the content on the LED wall has to blend perfectly into the scene being shot, so that the content on the LED wall captured by the camera looks like the real scene.

Absen also share the main aspects to make LED Technology look amazing in the process of videography.

1.   High precision for Color Reproduction

  wide Color Gamut

  low Off-axis Color Shift

  Pure Color

2.   Can support get a clear image in camera?

  less Reflection

  less Scan Lines

  less Moiré Effect

3.   High picture quality under shutter High speed shooting technology

  high frame rate

  high refresh rate on both high &low grey level

4.   HDR processing

  High Dynamic Range

  active Mate Data

  better PQ curve

5. Sync of the whole system


  Rolling/global shutter sync

  Low latency

Absen virtual production LED solutions, perfect in-camera performance with Wide Color Gamut, pure color output, Low reflection and moiré, high refresh rate, extraordinary contrast, high brightness, true 16bits, etc.


The PL series is a high-performance, broadcast grade, high-definition display with high-grade electronics and advanced mechanical design. PL1.9 Pro V10 is an 4-in-1 IMD product with patented TOP frame, featuring high brightness and best white uniformity, covering 98.2% of the DCI-P3 color gamut on average. In addition, PL2.5 Pro V10 is also an ideal choice for VP or xR stage with its super visual performance.



AX Pro series is an outstanding 1mm product platform that can be used as backdrop in the medium size studio, including the AX1.2 Pro and AX1.5 Pro. The AX1.2 Pro is the world’s first flip-chip IMD product using the advanced common cathode technology. It supports HDR, with a maximum brightness of 1500nits and a high refresh rate of 7680Hz. There is no color deviation even at a viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally and vertically.



MR series integrates the frame structure design, which is very convenient to use. It supports Brompton system. The matte finish provides a non-reflective surface that is ideal for virtual productions. The high-intensity frame design guarantees the safety and firmness, and the MR4.8 matte version can even bear a load of 2500kg/ approximately. Furthermore, MR series supports sub-frame for quick installation.


We look forward to exhibiting at NAB every year and infoComm USA on June,” said Jame Liu, president of Absen Inc. “not only demonstrate high quality of LED solution, but the necessary to expand global partnership network and strengthen Absen’s leading position to support the market growth”