Flex Series (FL)

  • Ultra-Flexible Display

  • Practicality Redefined, Unleash Creativity

Enhanced Flexibility, A One-of-a-Kind Flexible Display

The FL series is an ultra-flexible display with exceptional flexibility. It can be formed into large-angle concave or convex shapes, cylindrical or 90° arc shapes. It is the perfect creative partner for the NT/PL V10/PL V2 series. If you want to create an inspiring and eclectic stage, the FL series is the product you can't afford to miss!

•    Pixel pitch of product: 2.5mm, 2.6mm, 2.9mm

•    Panel dimension: 500(W)*500(H)mm


Brilliant and Eye-Catching at All Times

The FL series merges cutting-edge performance with sleek, curved aesthetics to captivate and impress. Its stellar brightness, swift refresh rate, and deep contrast promise an unforgettable visual experience.

Flex Your Creativity with Unparalleled Adjustability

The FL Series redefines flexibility in staging with its 15 distinct angle settings spanning from -45° to +45°. Outshine traditional panels by crafting extraordinary and inventive stage designs effortlessly with the FL Series.


Effortless One-Hand Angle Adjustment

Achieve your perfect angle swiftly with a single-handed motion. Press the intuitive red button to release, twist with ease to your preferred position, and secure the angle in one smooth operation.


Compact Cylinder for Exquisite Aesthetics

Embrace the beauty of the compact FL series, designed for the spatial economy of stages. With just eight panels, construct an elegant mini cylinder that stands at a mere 1.27 meters in diameter, perfect for small venues.


Perfect Arc Right Angles with Smaller Radius

Craft flawless 90° arcs by positioning two lines of FL panels at -45 angles. Opt for the flat NT/PL V10/PL V2 panels on either end for a sleek finish. This method not only ensures precision but also cuts costs while maintaining high-quality visuals. The FL Series streamlines your setup with a one-time, single-file configuration for seamless series integration, ensuring vibrant and consistent coloration across all your panels.


Hanging and Stacking Installations

Elevate your stage design with the FL series' hanging blocks. Tailor the setup of curved screens to your creative vision, effortlessly achieving heights of up to 10 meters for a truly impressive display. The FL series elevates your display with a stacking system tailored for curved screens. Featuring front-mounted, custom connectors, it streamlines the assembly of curved displays up to a safe height of 5 meters with ease.


Optimized for Optional Flat Display Assembly

Our panels are designed for versatility, coming equipped with dual reinforcements. This feature ensures a smooth, uniform surface across your flat screen setups, meeting a variety of display requirements with ease.


Enhanced Rear Maintenance

Effortlessly maintain your modules from the rear with a twist-and-lock mechanism using the four intuitive pull rings. The design is optimized for quick and safe on-site servicing, reinforced with an integrated safety tether to prevent accidental drops during handling. Streamline your maintenance with the power box's rear access. Quick-release with just a press—two push-button locks on each side allow for efficient rear access and maintenance.


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