Neptune Series (NT)

  • Creative Splicing and Floor Display

  • Anti-Collision and Modular Design

Wise Choice, Big Stage

The NT series was born to create a big stage. The 500*500mm panel is flexible and convenient. The 500*1000mm large size panel can help customers to quickly build a large screen in a short time. With a lightweight design, the NT series enables one-man installation.
•   Indoor NT1.9 and NT2.6: 500(W)x500(H)x80(D)
•   Indoor NT2.9 and NT3.9, Outdoor NT3.9W: 500(W)x500(H)x80(D), 500(W)x1000(H)x80(D)

Amazing Visual Experience

Superior visual performance with high brightness and high refresh rate, ready to create stunning event moments at any time.
•   Indoor products brightness: NT1.9, 900nits; NT2.6 and NT2.9, 1000nits; NT3.9, 800nits
•   Outdoor products brightness: NT3.9W, 4000nits
•   Refresh rate of NT series: ≥3840Hz

Excellent Curving Capabilities

Featuring a durable curve locking system, the NT series supports concave and convex connection to create various shapes and build a more creative stage.


Considered Anti-Collision Design

Adopts anti-collision design to avoid direct collision between LEDs and the ground, thereby effectively protecting the LEDs on the edge.


High-Quality Cable Connectors

The NT series incorporates high-quality cable connectors for power and data transmission to achieve stable power and data signal transmission, and are equipped with high-quality cables to further reduce the failure rate.


Multiple Installation Methods

Hanging and stacking installation solutions are both available to easily cope with the diverse requirements of the site environment. Moreover, holes have been reserved for tying nylon ties to support the installation of square tube trusses, saving more labor and material costs.


Modular Design for Easy Maintenance

NT series supports front and rear maintenance of modules and power box.


Optional Cube-shaped Display Solution

The NT series 500*500mm cube version panels are available as an option to create cube-shaped or L-shaped displays.


Optional Floor Display Solution

The NT3.9W can be customized as a floor display, which adds to the effect of the stage for an immersive viewing experience. This floor display solution is only suitable for 500*500mm panels.


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