Polaris V2 Series (PL V2)

  • High-quality Image Performance

  • Ultimate User Experience

Lightweight, Diversified, Platform-based

With panel dimensions in multiples of 500mm, the PL V2 series facilitates quick calculation of screen size. The panels are thin and lightweight for easy operation. Offered in multiple pixel pitches ranging from 1.9mm to 4.8mm, it satisfies the needs of different indoor and outdoor use scenarios. The PL V2 series adopts a platform design to help customers save cost. 

•    Pixel pitches of indoor products: 1.9mm, 2.5mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm

•    Pixel pitches of outdoor products: 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm

•    Panel dimensions: 500(W)*500(H)mm, 500(W)*1000(H)mm

Create an Eye-catching Stage

The PL V2 series supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) display, capable of producing more realistic and colorful images. With a grayscale up to 16bit, the PL V2 series enables the display of most delicate details. A refresh rate of over 3840Hz is featured to deliver the premium image quality in camera or livestream without scanlines. With its superior display performance, the PL V2 series can create an eye-catching and stunning stage at any time, making the audience enjoy and cheer for the live event.

Automatic Edge Protection

The narrow-pixel-pitches products of PL V2 series incorporate automatic edge protection on each panel corner, thereby reducing pixel damage drastically without laborious manual operations.

Auto-lock and Auto-eject System

The magnet-assisted and vertically operated side locks of PL V2 series make assembly quick, accurate and easy, enabling one-man installation and saving labor costs. The auto-eject system allows the user to quickly disassemble the panels.

Creative Curved Installation

The PL V2 series can realize curve connection from -7.5° convex to +10° concave for an artistic visual performance.

Folding Wind Bracing System

The PL V2 series provides an optional wind bracing system to resist strong wind while strengthening the panel connection and ensuring the safety and flatness of the screen.

Installation and Maintenance

The PL V2 series supports hanging, stacking, front and rear installations, making it adaptable to various scenarios. The PL V2 series adopts a modular design to realize full front and rear maintenance.

Optional cube version panels

The PL V2 series 500*500mm cube version panels are available as an option to create cube-shaped or L-shaped displays.


Optional PC Mask for Floor Display

The surface of PL V2 series outdoor products with 3.9 and 4.8mm pixel pitch can be turned into a floor display screen by adding a layer of PC mask. Combined with the main screen with the same pixel pitch, it can create a visually unified stage effect.


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