HC II Series

  • Ultra Light & Thin

  • IMD 4-in-1 Package

HC II Series

HC II is a narrow-pitch display product designed by Absen specifically for control rooms. The product is widely favored by customers for its high-definition image quality, safety and stability, as well as its simple and practical design. It is highly suitable for control rooms that operate 24/7.

Pixel Pitch: 0.93mm, 1.25mm, 1.56mm, 1.87mm

Panel Dimensions (W*H) : 600*337.5mm


IMD 4-in-1 Package


Ultra Light and Thin

The HC II series' lightweight design, a single panel weighing only 4.5 kg, reduces the difficulty of installation and disassembly, making the process simple and practical for a better overall experience.

Efficient Cooling and Stable Display

The panel boasts an innovative honeycomb and 3D design, offering enhanced cooling capacity. Its all-aluminum construction ensures consistent cooling, maintaining the display's uniform performance.


High Grayscale and Low Brightness

The PWM constant current output high-end chip achieves low brightness and high grayscale. Rich colors and vivid details provide an optimized visual experience.


Flexible Splicing

Supports curved splicing, which can be adjusted from 0° to +3° to create a gentle and flexible curve, 90° splicing is also supported to blend in perfectly with the surroundings.


Convenient Maintenance and Installation

Supports full front maintenance: module, HUB board, and receiving card can all be maintained from the front, making maintenance simple and more effective.


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