Absenicon C Slim

  • Integrated Design

  • Elegant Simplicity

Absenicon C Slim

Model: C110S, C138S, C165S

Sizes: 110″/138″/165″

Aspect Ratio: native 16:9

Brightness: 600nits

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All-in-One Design

Far more than just a screen, the C Slim screen is highly integrated, including controller, modules, cabinets, installation mounts, cables and all necessary display elements needed for the installation.

Ultra-Slim Frame

With a 5mm ultra-slim frame, the screen-to-body ratio reaches 98%, providing an immersive experience for all the viewers.


*The width of the upper, left and right fame is 5mm, and the width of the lower frame is 23mm

*The thinnest part of the screen body is only 28.5mm

Refresh Your Vision

Experience stunning visual performance with Absenicon C Slim series. Every dark or bright detail looks vivid and clear with its 110% NTSC level colour gamut and 600nits brightness.


Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

A 160°wide viewing angle allows everyone see fine details and vibrant colors from either side of the room.


Smart Control

Absenicon brings the connectivity of smart TVs to a larger, more dynamic LED display. Multiple functions can be realized through the remote control.


Easy and Reliable Content Sharing

Absenicon supports screen casting through computers, mobile phones, and PAD screens. You can share up to 4 devices at one time wirelessly, allowing simultaneous creative displays. The mobile phone/PAD screen can be used as a writing board, enabling online editing.


Intelligent Operating Systems

Comes standard with an Android operating system. Windows* operating system is available through an additional OPS. 2.4GHz/5GHz dual Wi-Fi channel which makes streaming uninterrupted.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Absenicon supports wall mounting or mobile stand installation and is suitable for different indoor spaces. It’s simple installation process saves time and labor. If an LED module or internal component fails, it can be maintained from the front.


*Applicable to C110S, C138S, C165S only supports wall mounted installation

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