Absenicon C Ultrawide

  • Elegant Simplicity

  • 21:9 display solution

C Ultrawide Screen

The Absenicon C Ultrawide Screen brings a more natural and productive hybrid meeting experience. Available in 154", 181", 208", 199", 249”, and 299" screen sizes, these all-in-one displays offer a seamless canvas applicable to 21:9* and 32:9 display solutions. Ideal for boardrooms and meeting rooms as well as being perfect for popular collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

*C154/C181 is close to 21:9 aspect ratio, C208 is the standard 21:9 ratio

1 773x531.png
2 960x500.png

All-in-One Modular Design

It's More Than Just a Display!

Our Ultrawide Screen is a true marvel of integration. It doesn't stop at being a screen; it's a comprehensive solution. Included are preset modules, a control box, sturdy wall brackets, stylish decoration bezels, all necessary cables, and essential display elements required for installation. No need for additional peripherals.

*The 32:9 models are not equiped with power sequencers when exported to the 110V regional

Immersive View

Experience seamless brilliance with the Absenicon Series LED. Immerse yourself in captivating visuals as our 100% seamless design removes distracting bezels and mullions. With an ultra-narrow 5mm bezel and an incredible 98% screen-to-body ratio, our LED screen offers an unparalleled viewing experience.


*The width of the upper, left, right and lower bezel is 5/5/5/23mm respectively.

*The thinnest part of the screen body is only 28.5mm

See Content Like Never Before

The ultrawide screen offers an unrivaled color and contrast which enables users to more accurately match corporate logos, brand identities, and color schemes. The 600nits ensure content is visible in all conditions, no need to dim the lights.


Eye Protection

Embrace the widescreen ratio designed to mimic the natural structure of human vision. Our display is certified for low blue light emission, ensuring fatigue-free viewing during extended use.


Remote Control for Easy Operation

Effortlessly control the display using the remote and user-friendly interface, providing a TV or monitor-like experience. Enjoy the convenience of functions such as power on-off, parameter adjustment, and page navigation, all at your fingertips.


Compatible with AV Control System

Ethernet control protocols are provided for control systems such as Crestron and Extron making for easy integration which saves the system integrator both time and money.


Easy and Reliable Content Sharing

Easily connect mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and various other devices for seamless wireless screen sharing. Our display supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems, enabling collaborative content sharing from up to four participants. Experience versatile multi-view modes, including dual screen, full screen, and centered, catering to diverse scenarios and requirements.


Intelligent System for Better Compatibility

The Absenicon C Ultrawide series comes standard with the Android operating system, and for those seeking more, a Windows operating system is available through an additional OPS computer. Enjoy enhanced software compatibility with just one click. Enjoy a fast and stable internet connection through WiFi 6, allowing you to effortlessly engage in screen mirroring and internet surfing simultaneously.


*Supporting for Windows system is optional. External OPS PC and the supporting structural parts are required.

Easy Installation and maintenance

The Absenicon C Ultrawide streamlines cable connections and installations with pre-assembled modules, making the construction of your display quick and hassle-free.


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