CL V2 Series

  • Black Coating Technology

  • Flip Chip Technology

Clear Cobalt Series

Absen's award-winning Clear Cobalt Series is the ultimate Micro LED solution. It has become one of our key ultrafine pitch products and will continue to bring clear, non-reflective, highly consistent, and reliable displays. Complete with HDR support, a high contrast ratio, and vivid color performance.

Pixel Pitch: 0.9mm, 1.2mm

Panel Dimensions(W*H*D): 610*343*49.8mm

cl series-07.png


>> Black coating technology
>> Support HDR10
>> Wide color gamut
>> Micro LED technology
>> High reliability

Black Coating Technology

Leveraging advanced black coating technology, the Clear Cobalt Series achieves a superior matte finish that eliminates glare. Paired with an enhanced color palette, the Clear Cobalt Series brings images to life with unparalleled realism and vibrancy.


Stunning Visuals

The Clear Cobalt Series, powered by HDR10 technology, presents a breathtaking display of crisp details and vibrant colors from the darkest to the brightest tones.


High Reliability

The Clear Cobalt Series ensures superior reliability through the use of state-of-the-art flip-chip technology.


Easy Installation

Transform spaces with the latest trend in LED displays and allow customers to have luxury experience. The Clear Cobalt, a monumental screen with optional edges and wall-mounted frames, provides an ultra-high quality installation which submerges into the surrounding environment.


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